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Security Consulting

The risks associated with running a successful e-business are anything but simple. Now, more than ever, you need to build confidence and trust into your business for your customers, partners, suppliers and shareholders. There are new opportunities on the horizon and each one of them includes potential vulnerabilities that must be managed and controlled. Xapiens provides a suite of professional network security consulting services that can help you implement and enforce your overall enterprise risk management strategy.

Network and Application Vulnerability Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of security posture from an external and internal perspective, including an in-depth evaluation of a client's security architecture, policies and procedures, threats and vulnerabilities, and technical security controls and mechanisms. Review and evaluation of application security from the client and server perspectives.

Network Security Architecture & Design

Xapiens security experts will help you understand your security threats, draft your security requirements based on your threat model and company directives, select the appropriate security mechanisms that meet your security requirements, identify the products that meet the requirements and implement the best security solution for your enterprise.

Cybercrime and Forensics Analysis

Xapiens security experts offer a complete digital discovery and preliminary analysis service to support forensic investigations and respond to discovery orders in litigation matters. Our approach and strict guidelines retrieves and analyzes data contained on virtually any type of storage device.

Security Incident Response

The Xapiens Security Incident Response Team (X-SIRT) can provide your enterprise with rapid on-site & remote assistance to implement countermeasures, deploy forensic tools to mitigate analyze the damage and reduce the overall network security threat.






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